Pilotenkueche intl. artist residency program

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PILOTENKUECHE is an Artist Residency Program based on group dynamic. Six-to-eight artists each work on their individual projects during a three-and-a-half month period at the Spinnerei in Leipzig. Each has their own working area within the 312 m2 (1,023 ft2) communal studio. Every Round of the residency ends as a group exhibition during one of the three gallery weekends at the Spinnerei.

Our philosophy is focused on an interest of exchange and kinetic dialogue about art ideas, approaches and methods practiced in other places and from other individuals. We are fascinated with how they come into practice in our space. How the artist uses their time and space and opportunities during their time with us their choice. The communal working is open and accessible 24-hours a day.

PILOTENKUECHE wishes to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something as a group; and, moreover, in experimenting with new forms of cooperation vital in fostering an independent position in one's work.

Who can apply?

The PILOTENKUECHE is open to applications from artists wishing to experiment with new ideas and media, and those seeking to foster and strengthen their artistic identity through the daily exchange of ideas and practices within a group environment.

The project is especially beneficial to artists already established in their artistic process who feel they could benefit from exchange with other artists, or young artists at the beginning of their careers who could use the support to establish a stronger position in their work.

Please contact us with any questions.

Is there a deadline?

Admissions are rolling, and applications are considered around two and a half months before the start of that round. If you are interested in participating, contact us. It is also possible to apply early for a residency spot up to a year in advance.

How to apply?

Applications with the following items can be sent to info@pilotenkueche.de:
1. Short CV ?
2. Artist Statement ?
3. Examples of Work?
4. Short Statement on why you wish to participate
5. For which Round you wish to apply.

How long is the residency?

We offer three rounds per year. Each round offers a three-and-a-half month working period, and finishes with a exhibition, during one of the gallery weekends in the Spinnerei. The Rounds are:

February – May
June – September
October - January

How many artist are there at the same time?

Six-to-eight artists.

Does it cost anything?

Participation costs are 900 Euro per artist. Upon acceptance, the artist must transfer 50 € of the total sum to reserve their place. Ideally, the money should be paid in full by the first day of the residency round. In special cases exceptions can be made.

Any special conditions?

The only condition is that residency artists conduct themselves in a respectful manner in regards to the PILOTENKUECHE, the Spinnerei, its programs, and the other residency artists.

Is there a grant?

The artist in residence is responsible for organizing his own grant, but we are open to early acceptance so that the artist has enough time to meet grant application deadlines. The PILOTENKUECHE is happy to assist the artist in this process any way we can.

Is there a studio?


Is there stutio equipment?

This depends, of course, on the specific needs of the artist, so just ask us. Also, we are located next to a large art supply store.

Is there a living space?

Not officially, but we can assist the artist in finding a place to stay.

How to find us

We are located in the Spinnerei in Leipzig, which is accredited as a thriving center of art worldwide. Our visiting address is:

Spinnerei Strasse 7
Halle 18, 2. OG (3rd Floor)
04179 Leipzig

Web site?



Fridey Mickel + 49. (0) 178 167 34 71